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When do you conform?

February, 2012
's big question:

What does it mean to conform? Often we think of conforming as denying some part of ourselves, giving up our self-expression. Conforming can mean failing to listen to our inner moral voice, as in when we don't speak up in the face of a wrong. But conforming can also be a good thing, as in following the law or keeping our promises.

What does conforming mean to you? When do you conform, and in what ways? When are you proud to conform, and when do you regret it? Check out our conversation guide for this conversation and share your reflections below!

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Spiritual or Religious, Conforming or non-Conforming?

Posted on 03/01/2012 by Dorothy Richman

“I’m spiritual, but I’m not religious”. This is what many people say to me when they find out I’m a rabbi.

I wonder, is this...

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Posted on 02/29/2012 by Sheila Katz

It's contest time!  Answer our monthly question "When do you conform?" on www.AskBigQuestions....