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What does the world need from you?

November, 2012
's big question:

November is a time when a lot of college students are thinking about what comes next: what major to declare, what summer plans to make, what will happen after graduation. It’s a good time to think about what we want and what we can contribute. It’s a good time to reflect on the question, What does the world need from you?

Our conversation guide this month focuses on this question. It was created with help from our friends at Work on Purpose, a project of the good folks at Echoing Green. They have over two decades of experience identifying and nurturing some of the world’s great social entrepreneurs—people who have figured out what the world needs and what they uniquely have to give in response.

— from the Conversation Guide. Download it now

Tell us how you would spend $500 to live the question “What does the world need from you?” Would you attend a conference on an issue you care about such as poverty or injustice? Would you buy a train ticket to a city you feel called to serve and interview people about their needs? Or perhaps you would go to a monastery and learn how monks live the question in their daily lives? Learn about the official rules for the contest in our blog section below.

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What does the world need from you?

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