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Looking for our library of conversation guides? Our full suite of guides are available to partner campuses and organizations who have contracted with us to provide programs. We’re currently working on new training workshops, program offerings, materials, and services. If you have used our guides in the past, please take this short survey to tell us how we can continue to serve you.

One of the things we know about good group conversations is that they combine skilled facilitation with structure. We’ve developed a library of conversation guides to help students hit the ground running. These conversations are structured around Big Questions - questions that matter to everyone and that everyone can answer. Big Questions are different from hard questions. While hard questions rely on expertise and lead to debates, Big Questions rely on wisdom and experience and lead to conversations.

Our guides come in both participant and facilitator versions. The facilitator guide contains reminders and cues to help the leader steer the conversation, as well as tips and facilitation resources. The participant guide contains everything a group needs to jump into an engaging conversation.

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Sample Conversation Guide - For Whom Are We Responsible?

What does it mean to be responsible? Who is responsible for us?

Sample Conversation Guide - How Do We Disagree?
We don’t always have to agree, but can we find ways to disagree productively?