Our Work

Ask Big Questions has earned a reputation for developing accessible, engaging, and powerful tools that lead to conversations that connect people and help them discover new perspectives about themselves, each other, and the world. These tools include our series of conversation-starter booklets, which have been purchased and distributed to 60,000 users, as well as our conversation guides, which have been used by over 100,000 people.


Ask Big Questions works with colleges, universities, and organizations to engage young adults in reflective community conversations about purpose, identity, and responsibility. Our method gives students and staff the tools they need to lead host conversations, on campus, at home, or in the community. By structuring conversations around questions that matter to everyone and that everyone can answer, participants go beyond the surface level of difficult discussions and are able to find the common ground of shared stories and experiences to build bridges and build trust, regardless of how different they may be from their conversation partners. As a result, they learn new things about themselves and each other.

Ask Big Questions leads to positive change—in both individual and group behaviors. Students who participate in Ask Big Questions conversations report significant, lasting increases in their ability to listen, to understand their own values and beliefs and those of others, and to demonstrate the skills and attributes of empathetic, engaged citizenship. They build the trust necessary to work on common problems in more civil, productive ways. And the students who lead these conversations report even more significant gains in their abilities to facilitate group work, to strategize creatively, and to design productive approaches to community challenges.

  • We train your students
  • Your students lead reflective conversations
  • Those conversations transform your community!