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Jewish Holidays

We are excited to partner with the Meyerhoff Center to produce Ask Big Questions conversation guides for the Jewish holidays.

All of these guides are distinctively Jewish versions of the more universally-human materials that we feature on this website. These guides incorporate Jewish texts and themes and can provide the basis for a rich conversation among diverse groups of students from all kinds of Jewish backgrounds.

Download, print, and get started!

Rosh Hashanah Conversation: What will you do better this year?
In partnership with 10Q

Yom Kippur Conversation: For whom are we responsible?
In parntership with IKAR

Sukkot Conversation: Where do you feel at home?
In partnership with Moishe House

Simchat Torah Conversation: What story do we tell?
In partnership with Unscrolled

Hanukah Conversation: When do you take a stand?
In partnership with Keshet

Shabbat Conversation: When do you recharge?
In partnership with Reboot

Tu BiShvat Seder: How do we grow?

Rosh Hodesh Conversation: How do we own our traditions?
In partnership with Moving Traditions

Avi Schaefer Shabbat: How do we connect?

Purim Conversation: When do you conform?

Passover Conversation: Are we Free?
Passover activity: Are we Free?

Yom Hashoah/Holocaust Remembrance Conversation: What do we choose to ignore?
In partnership with Facing History And Ourselves

Shavuot Converation: What do you think about God?
In partnership with G-dcast

**NEW** Tisha B'Av Conversation: How do we mourn?
In partnership with Ritualwell


If you'd like these guides in a Word Document form so you can make edits, please email Sheila Katz at skatz@hillel.org