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Jewish Resources

How Do You Engage Jewishly?

The Jewish tradition offers a myriad of ways of encountering the world—with contemplation, celebration, remembrance, grief and joy. As such, it offers many powerful opportunities for deep reflection—and is a perfect framework for Ask Big Questions conversations.

All of these guides are distinctively Jewish versions of the more universally-human materials that we feature on this website. These guides incorporate Jewish texts and themes and can provide the basis for a rich conversation among diverse groups of participants from all kinds of Jewish backgrounds.

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Who Represents You?

Rosh Hashanah

What Will You Do Better This Year?

Yom Kippur

For whom are we responsible?


Where do you feel at home?

Simchat Torah

What Story Do We Tell?


When Do You Take A Stand?

Tu BiShvat

How Do We Grow?

Yom HaShoah

What do we choose to ignore?

Yom Haatzmaut

What Does Israel Mean to You?


What Do (and Don't) You Think About God?

Rosh Hodesh

How Do We Own Our Traditions?


How Do We Connect?


How Do You Recharge?