What are you thankful for?

I knew my mother's parents had survived the Holocaust; I saw the blurred blue ink on the inside of their forearms. But my grandparents rarely shared their stories; when they did, they were so far from anything I knew, and, too embarrassed to cry at the table, I would focus hard on not listening.

What would you sacrifice to repair the world?

As we observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day this year, that question looms large. Challenging economic times are causing many of us to make financial sacrifices for the sake of our families. We're deferring retirement. We're working multiple jobs. We're going to less-expensive colleges. A recent...

Where do you feel at home?

When people ask me where I'm from, I usually pause and take a deep breath before I answer the question: "I live in the Bay area but I'm from Philadelphia." I have lived in the San Francisco Bay area long enough (over twenty years) to call it home, and Philly is the place I grew up that has that old...

Craig Newmark says we are changing the world!

Hillel's Ask Big Questions initiative made it in Craig Newmark's listing of "16 People and Organizations Changing the World in 2012."