Questions at the Seder Table

The Passover Seder has been called the world’s longest-running symposium on freedom. For more than two millennia, Jews have gathered every spring to retell the story of the Exodus from Egypt and reflect on its significance in their time and place.

At the heart of the seder is the imperative not only to tell the story, but to tell it in response to a question. Traditionally, the youngest child at the seder recites the “Four Questions,” noticing some of the things that make the seder evening different and special. But the root of this custom lies in the idea that, in order to really participate in a conversation, we have to ask our own questions.

The seder therefore presents a special opportunity to think creatively and intelligently about the questions we ask.

In this video podcast, Josh talks with Dan Rothstein, co-founder and director of the Right Question Institute, about how opening up the question-asking process at the seder can be an exercise in “micro-democracy.”

Dan and RQI co-director Luz Santana have prepared a custom worksheet to help guide you through RQI's technique if you wish to use it in your seder. Download it here [pdf]


Questions at the Seder Table