How can a website nurture better conversation?

That's the big question for the Ask Big Questions blog. We want this blog to be more than a resource. Of course we want to share ideas and tips, links and videos and articles. But we want this blog to something more than that too. On this site, we want to explore the Big Questions you care about. This will be a space for reflection, for telling stories, for asking and listening, and for laughing too. We want what we share here to inspire you and challenge you, to make you think and wonder and ask questions of your own.

The internet can be an amazing tool. It can bring people together. It can allow us to create thoughts and expressions with words and sound and images. But it can also play to the lesser angels of our nature, enabling us to be quick-tempered, be careless with our language, and create a world that reflects only what we want to see. We hope this blog will be the better part of the Internet.

We hope you'll comment thoughtfully. We hope you'll contribute. We hope you'll share the experience of Ask Big Questions with the people in your community. And we hope that sharing will lead to a better culture of conversation.

Welcome to Ask Big Questions.