Craig Newmark says we are changing the world!

Hillel's Ask Big Questions initiative made it in Craig Newmark's listing of "16 People and Organizations Changing the World in 2012."

"A thought-provoking question is often the best conversation starter. Rabbi Josh Feigelson thinks that we are forgetting how to ask universal questions that matter to all of us regardless of our religious beliefs or socio-economic background. "In 2012, I want to change the world through better conversation. I want to help college students create the space for conversations that matter. I want to help diverse groups of people find commonality by embracing their diversity," said Feigelson. So here's what he's doing: Rabbi Feigelson is leading a national project with his colleague Sheila Katz called Ask Big Questions which is housed at Hillel International. The program will be on 13 college campuses and will bring thousands of college students together for these kinds of conversations which will take place in person and on social networks. Read the rest of what Rabbi Feigelson has to say about asking Big Questions. I think he's on to something here."
-Craigslist founder and philanthropist Craig Newmark

Thanks, Craig!