Understand others. Understand yourself.

The Divided Life and the Heart of Democracy

Posted on 11/12/2014

In his latest book, Healing the Heart of Democracy: The Courage to Create a Politics Worthy of the Human Spirit, educator and author Parker Palmer talks about the ways in which our feelings of dividendess, and sense of integrity, can impact the ways in which we represent others, and the ways in which we choose our own representatives.  In the video below, he begins to delve into some of those questio

One Voice In A Generation

Posted on 11/02/2014

I spent the last eight months vying for arguably one of the most important elected representative positions in the country. It is an experience best described as the longest job interview ever. I understood what that position was, I understood what I would represent if elected. More importantly I understood who I would represent. The mayor of Toronto represents everyone who lives in Toronto, it is a clear group of people.

Who Represents You? You Are Never too Young to Decide.

Posted on 10/27/2014

I still remember the way I felt in the lead up to that election in the fall of 1988. The stakes couldn’t have been higher. After eight years of the Reagan White House, I was ready for change. I wanted my voice and my values represented at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and I was going to make that known by casting my ballot...in the 3rd grade mock election. While Michael Dukakis lost the mock election and eventually the actual election for president that year, the civics lesson was not lost on me.

What’s Your Intention? Meditation, Technology, and Connection in Modern Society

Posted on 09/13/2014
Lodro Rinzler

More often than not we go out with friends, launch into a new relationship, or jump ship from one job to another without a clear understanding of why we’re doing what we’re doing. We never pause and develop a conscious intention and, as a result, things tend to get messy down the road.

Preparing for Transformation

Posted on 09/09/2014
Rabbi Roni Handler

Whenever I teach about ritual or work with people to prepare for a life cycle transition, I always stress that what makes a ritual powerful and effective is the preparation and intention with which we approach the event.  While there is a certain “magic” to liminal moments, we cannot simply show up and experience a transformation.  The same is true for how we experience the holidays of the Jewish year. Not only must we appropriately prepare for each holiday, but also we must consider how we want to connect this year.

How Are We Seen?

Posted on 08/31/2014
Thomas Toney

“How are we seen” is a big question. One that undoubtedly creates an inclusive and productive space to dialogue about the killing of Michael Brown and subsequent protest. My hope though, is that beyond how one may be seen or want to be seen, we get to asking ourselves, How am I Michael Brown? How could I never be Michael Brown? And how am I Officer Wilson?