Rebecca Pinsky

Allowing Me To Live

My parents didn’t grow up in Richmond, where I was raised—Dad, Brooklyn and Mom, Philadelphia. Both the children of the children of the children of immigrants, my parents had very modest upbringings. Why wasn’t an agreeable lifestyle introduced to the family several generations ago? Where was the American dream? “It’s a different world, Rebecca,” is the response I usually got.  Sure, Dad could tell me stories about all the live shows he saw on Broadway, but he was leaving out the bits about dirty, crowded Subways and saving for months.

What Do We Expect of Each Other?

I’m on campus a lot. With classes and all the meetings that come along with clubs and responsibilities, I’ve got my fair share of walking to do. My legs are lucky as our campus is fairly small, but every day I can’t help but notice that there are so many who walk with their heads down. With the eyes of my peers cast away from others, basic human connection is easily averted. This troubles me.