Margie Cook

Because Racial Injustice Exists, That’s Why

One week before the violence that took place in Virginia, a state I recently called home, I spent my Saturday at an all-day workshop on Anti-Bias, Anti-Racism Education, offered by Chicago Regional Organizing for AntiRacism. One of the workshop leaders, who is African-American, shared that she had grown up in Mississippi in the 1940s and 50s. Shaking her head and half chuckling, she said, “That experience kind of automatically sets you up to be interested in racial justice.”

We are All People in Process

I was scanning my Facebook news feed, an activity that has become a little too routine I have to admit, when a photo of a naked person popped up – something that is definitely not routine. It caught my attention for the obvious reasons, but also because I recognized immediately that the photo was taken just down the street from the ABQ office.