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Now, more than ever, we need to invest in talking, listening, and repairing our democratic fabric. Now, more than ever, the citizens of this country, and people throughout the world, need to connect to and understand one another.

That’s why our work at Ask Big Questions is so critical right now, and why we are uniquely positioned to respond to this moment. And it’s why we welcome supporters and investors who will be our partners in changing the world through better conversation.

If you share our commitment to listening, understanding, and strengthening our shared sense of humanity through exploring the questions we all share, please join us.

Ask Big Questions welcomes support from foundations, individual donors, and corporate philanthropy. Our philanthropic investors include organizations committed to civil society and civic engagement, purpose and identity development, and interfaith cooperation. 

To learn more about our vision and strategy, download our prospectus.

For more information, please contact Sheila Katz at skatz@hillel.org.


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